You pay for what you get… ish. LED

99p MR16 on the left – Diamond lighting GU10 on the right

Led trial at my own house.

About six months ago I installed new GU10 and MR16 led bulbs in my house. 20 bulbs in total ranging from top of the range Phillips, through much cheaper offerings from a company called Diamond lighting and finally a 99p offerings from eBay.

Results so far

Phillips – fine no problem ( but only have 2)
Diamond lighting – 11 lights fitted. 5 have failed
eBay special- 7 still running

The failures on the Diamond lighting are to do with sets of Led chips failing. So could be to do with the the control gear in the bulb.
The cheap eBay specials do give less light than I expected. They have a claimed 5w output but are outshone by the 3.75w diamond lighting offerings. Will Lux meter them next time I have the meter with me.
Lesson so far. Go for something with a decent warranty!

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2 Responses to You pay for what you get… ish. LED

  1. Ian Hughes says:

    Keith, have a word with Emyr about the LED lights in Ty Isaf. Not Good and Not Cheap ! I wouldn’t bother in my own property, 12v halogen wins in my opinion. These not so good for individual installations stick to what’s about, wait for the technology to catch up!

    • Keith Jones says:

      thanks for this Ian. But don’t agree with you. We now have thousands in place and its only one company we have a problem with (the bulbs i have which failed are the same batch as the shop). Halogen is so wastefull at least use metal halide which uses half the energy and not so wastefull on heat. LED Technology is here and mainline producers give very long warranties. Thanks again for the input. most shops are now off halogen and no problems and we maintain 500lux but the batch you had in the shop needs replacing. will see what we can do!

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