All clear ahead – well hardly on PV and FIT at the moment

The current uncertainty in the PV market is lets say interesting (again). This is caused by the judicial review on the legality of the Feed In Tariff cut consultation. Esp because the cuts were to come into force before the consultation comes to an end, which sort of made a mockery of the consultation

But the rumour mill is going over time in terms of the ‘what if scenarios’. Earlier in the week the domestic rate of 21p was to be guaranteed but rumours of everything else dropping to 9p. Then the DECC Plan B came out yesterday if they were to lose the appeal. Plan B sets out how the higher rate (pre Dec 12th rates) are to carry on until March the 3rd. We have already experienced one Klondike with over 100,000 installations in the 6 weeks up to Dec 12th. I wonder if we are in for another if the Judges decided the Gov did act illegally. DECC must not be sure which way it will go if they have already put a ‘plan B’ out.

What if you have 350kw of PV going in as we speak…oh but we do! This is causing a lot of stress, re-forecasting and looking at delivery programmes. Can we squeeze them in, should we if it causes problems. The best we can do here at the moment is work with the facts. The revised tariff post Dec 12th still works for us and if there is an additional 17.7p per Kwh on the 50kw systems we have going in then its more income to put into conservation. As far as we are concerned money has never been the main driver. The NT in Wales have a 60% renewable energy target / aspiration to reach by 2013 and the FIT is assisting by making technologies viable but also driving down the prices. This does not seem to be happening in hydro but that’s another story.

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