The bearing has gone on our wheel!

The BIG wheel at Aberdulais

Which is ok if it’s on your car but on a 28ft water wheel you know you have a big job ahead of you. the steel water wheel in Aberdulais just happens to be one of the largest electricity generating steel water wheels in Europe. the wheel like the large Caplan turbine on the site are now due an overhaul (see previous blog) but the wheel has decided to give up just before the service ‘sods law strikes again’

Paul is now working with the property team to get the wheel going again. it’s going to be an ‘interesting’ few months getting under the bonnet of quite a few tonnes of wheel. The Caplan turbine is in fair condition but its everything else which is being looked at (hydraulics, trash screen, control systems and so non)

but let’s get the wheel going first

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