Be careful what you wish for – PV’s going in !

Llanerchaeron PV going in

This week and the next few weeks are a tad busy for the team. Planning permissions are now coming in thick and fast for the PVs being working on. Penrhyn (50kw), Plas Newydd (50kw), Cwrt (50kw), Powis (50kw), Erddig (50kw)… last 100kw expected in the next couple of weeks. Most of the permissions have the expected and necessary aesthetic or ecological conditions attached (newts, trees and planting) especially around the screening and boundary work which is as per our mitigation work.

For example Paul is working on the 700m of 120mm cable needed to join the field based PV to Plas Newydd mansion. Originally we were going on bringing in a new three-phase supply from over the road to the Dairy tea room but at £25k it made more sense spending the same money running our own 700m cable from the mansion to the PV. The reason being is that the mansion will use all of the power generated by the PV as opposed to an estimated 50% that the tea room would use. (3p export vs 9p use on site per Kw) With a PV of 50kw it’s not a small amount of energy.

Each of the sites have their tweaks and detail and as ever devil is in the detail. We are using three types of frames dependant on the sites. Consol system as used in Llanerchaeron on a couple of steep sites (benching the slope). Fabricated frames for Powis nursery and a more standard approach in the rest. Then we get to black framed panels on a few of the more obvious sites to cut down on glint

will update when they go in

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