40kw PV up and running – Mansion solar powerstations

Llanerchaeron 40kw PV

As the saying goes ‘we are now cooking with gas’. The first of 9 PV systems has been completed and commissioned. A 40 kw ground mounted system has been installed at Llanerchaeron.

Llanerchaeron is now the proud owner of the largest PV systems in the National Trust. At just under 40kw and combined with the existing 7.5kw system these almost 200 PV panels should generate up to half of the electricity that the house needs. Rather than go for the traditional roof mounted system on the grade 1 mansion the property team decided that it would be much better aesthetically and technically tucking almost half an acre of PV behind the estate farm buildings and linking the house to the PV directly. At £90,000 its was not cheap but the investment should be repaid in 7 years but the property should see up to 60 years of generation from the system.

This is only the start of the work across Wales and in the next 10 weeks the team in Wales will be delivering further systems with most sites having 50kw of capacity installed  (350kw in total) . This combined total should deliver almost 8% of the total NT Wales energy need. The heavy cuts in the Feed in tariff over the last few weeks have also resulted in drastic reductions in PV panel costs with the result that it is still viable and cost-effective opting for PV as part of our energy mix

Now on to Penrhyn and Plas Newydd

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