Cross fingers – 600kw hydro

View from the Watkin path down 'Afon Cwm Llan'

Yesterday saw my 21st assent of the Hafod y Llan hydro site in the last 12 months (am doing it again next wed) This time we were tsunamied at the start and then the wind tried its best to get rid of us (as it did with Sarah’s hat, never to be seen again) we were up the mountain this time with the National Trust Architectural Panel. The Panel were there to assist and advising to ensure we get the best hydro we could for the location

We are about to submit the planning application and to be followed by the abstraction licence for the 600kw hydro on the Hafod y Llan farm on Snowdon. This £1.5m hydro is the culmination of about 18 months of work the survey and evaluation work has covering everything from trout to trees, archaeology to aesthetics. Biggest piece of advise – work with the planners and statutory bodies as soon as poss’ even when it’s just a glint in the eye of the site manager. this will save time, expense and hassle

developing a sizable hydro does take quite a bit of work before the first digger gets anywhere near the site. It can also be a risky business because there are all manner of show stoppers out there ranging through ecology, aesthetic, geology and the list goes on. The critical part is in screening the project first to see what the likely issues are going to be and dealing with them first.

but you also get to work in some spectacular places

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