Fast feed auger for the new biomass at Stackpole

We’ve gone all ‘YouTube’ and over the coming months Paul and I will compile property specific slides and videos to give you an idea of what’s where but also anything interesting going in.

The following is a high-speed wood-chip auger feed system for the new biomass system at Stackpole (life does not get any more exciting!!!!). The 350kw KWB boiler replaces the 17 LPG gas boilers at the site. Feed systems for wood-chip are always an issue especially in an existing building. You need to tip the chip in and then move it to the boiler. Its great if the boiler is lower than the fuel Store and you’re not in a set of listed buildings which you could change around. Otherwise you have to lift the chip – there is a whole world of technology out there. The two other biomass systems in Wales (Dinefwr and Dinas)rely on tractors and this is fine on the two 50kw systems but on much larger systems this would be expensive on labour. So we decided on a fast feed auger which moves the chip from the car park to the store, its is then agitated (chip settles quickly and does not like to flow) and moved via a rotating disk with swing arms to a second auger and then finally to the step grate boiler which again moves the chip through the boiler. It does work out cheaper in the medium term than a person with a tractor;But with more things which can jam or break… time will tell. But it its all looks fine so far.

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