2011 Finished in a flurry

2011 finished in a flurry of activity.

biomass being installed at Stackpole - perfect fit!! R. Gwillim

December was quite a busy one for the team here in Wales

Stackpole’s new 350kw KWB biomass boiler was commissioned. This is has replaced17 ageing LPG boilers

South Pilton Green on Gower is now the proud owner of a 35kw Froling biomass boiler linked to a small district heating system. http://gowernt.wordpress.com/2011/11/24/740/

Dan y Gyrn on the Brecon Beacons has replaced its electrical heating system with a set of air to air heat pumps

Llanerchaeron saw the install of a 40kw PV system

That’s what I call a month of work.

2012 promises to be even busier  – Jan & Feb will see 400kw of PV, Jan will see new LED in Plas Newydd, May should see the start of the 600kw large hydro, and then we get into setting up a green standard for all of our Gardens… and so much more!

Happy New and busy Year !

Biomass is one thing - the few hundred meters of heat main for all the zones was another!

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