Now for the doing – LED install

First weeks in January will see the team at Plas Newydd, Paul and I change all of the conservation lights (few hundred) this includes quite a few chandeliers ( shades of Rodney and Delboy with he chandelier… but no). But this will also be a good exercise with the team at Plas Newydd to engage with the energy efficiency work. Last year the team there also moved 2000m2 of insulation up 4 floors to the attic. You really appreciate energy when you’re getting your hands dirty doing something about it. All to often energy efficiency is something done to buildings and people and the users of the building are not participants in the design and doing bit.

Plas Newydd

200 bulbs shifting from 25w /40w each to 3/ 4w each should see a big drop in the energy consumption at the mansion. Plas Newydd is also one of our smart meter properties and so we should see the drop in 30 mins or so. Paul has worked on a 2 year payback from the bulbs. Should cost just over £3000 and so not an insignificant drop at that payback. It will be good to see the new led bulb used wholesale in a mansion and then see the drop in bills. Will blog the images once we have completed.

hands on energy efficiency


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