You can’t do that on a castle…can you?

panels being installed - some pipe  insulation to complete

well yes you can and  has been done. In the great scheme of things a few meters of solar thermal on a castle with a 450kw biomass system smacks a bit of ‘green wash’. But they do serve a purpose and do so much more than the energy they generate  but in fact they save an awful lot of energy.

Scenario – you have a castle with a very large biomass boiler which likes to go flat-out or be off. In summer the heating provides a bit of heat for relative humidity control and a small amount of hot water. Dotted around the castle are some residential flats each wanting a small amount of hot water. The water circulates around the castle in 5″ super insulated pipes but still loses heat. how can we stop the water from circulating in summer when there is low demand whilst still generate enough for the flats. Solution – localised solar thermal to provide domestic hot water thus avoiding the movement of an awful lot of hot water around the castle with the associated heat losses (no mater how good your insulation)

The solar thermal systems are installed on the Adam tower and a couple of other sites. On the tower you need to get the engineering right for wind uplift . You need to get the craftsmen in for the new lead feet for the panels frame so that they can sit on the large lead roof without compromising the weather shield provided by the lead.

If we can, you can?

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