10000000kwh overhaul – Aberdulais hydro

Aberdulais 238kwp hydro

The Aberdulais hydro is currently the largest hydro in service with the National Trust. The 238kwp hydro near Neath in South Wales has done some sterling service but is now due an over haul after 20 years.  The site also boasts one of the largest steel waterwheels generating power in the UK as well.

20 to 25 years is about the time that hydros are due their major overhaul and Aberdulais is no exception. Control systems, monitoring equipment, leaf and brash cleaning, hydraulic systems have improved vastly in the 20 years since this system went in. Paul is currently working with engineers to understanding what is in front of us and what we need to do but also the economics. You don’t invest £150k+ lightly unless you understand fully what is involved but also what improvements in production and management we should be expecting. The one thing I am interested is how the control system which is currently the size of a couple of wardrobes will shrink to about the size of a cake tin,

Aberdulais switch room

more to come

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