The Simple things do make a difference

When the dust has settled and all the contractors have left site following the completion of reservicing works we are usually left with shiny insulated pipework.

On the flip side, we also have quite a few examples where pipe-lagging and insulation is no longer in place (if in fact it was to begin with).

We have been looking at both of these scenario’s with fresh eyes in the last few years. It is a bit obvious when you see an image of an un-insulated pipe. Thermal imaging also really helps to prove the case (a picture paints a thousand words after all).

But, is it obvious when you look at the top picture? Each exposed piece of pipework, or gate valve is a radiator in it’s own right. On big pipes this can be hundreds of watts per hour.

We have been installing valve bag insulation (valve bag / valve cladding / valve muff) on these uninsulated bits.

They are cheap, easy to fit and still allow access for servicing.

Valve insulation quotations







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