4% of what exactly?

When Keith and I began this work four years ago the first question we  asked was “where are we starting from?”. In order to set ourselves targets we needed to understand the current situation – “If you cannot measure, you cannot manage” as the old saying goes. The challenge set us by a property manager was “I need to be able to get in and get out again in 30 seconds”.

 Anybody who knows us will realise that most of our plans take shape when we are travelling (maybe it is being stuck in a confined space together?). On one such journey we decided we would develop our own all-Wales web-based monitoring and reporting system to allow properties to submit meter reads on a monthly basis – “Wales Meter Manager” was born.

We developed a simple online tool that only took 3 clicks of a mouse to access, enter and submit read data. This system was so successful that the template has now been adopted by the whole National Trust as a means to ensure we can monitor and manage our energy usage more effectively – “The National Trust Meter Monitoring System” (MMS).

As we learn more the MMS will develop to allow even greater monitoring and management.

Not bad for a car journey though!

metering system presentation

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