What year! Award crowns an amazing 12 months.

Well what can i say... we scrub-up well!

Well I look like a bouncer in Mothercare. This was Paul’s opening line to wearing an evening suit to the Institute for Welsh Affairs / PWC Wales business awards ceremony last Fri night in the coal exchange in Cardiff.

I was so pleased that we had been shortlisted. The reason for this was this was a ‘business’ award and we would be evaluated on a business footing and thus i hope moving environmental work out of ‘tree hugging territory’ This esteemed audience and the following press coverage would see that a ‘business’ approach to environmentalism could be financially sound, add value to a company’s reputation and also demonstrate professionalism in looking at the big picture. ‘being green makes business sense’

We were against some very large and esteemed companies which included a large 5 star holiday park (large biomass, solar thermal and general approach) an architectural firm specialism in ‘carbon neutral’ office complexes (indeed their own office was and example of this)… and when it was announced in front of ministers, Footsie 100 companies that the National Trust a conservation charity had won … you could have knocked me down with a…

This award is the culmination of the first phase of work over the last 3 years which Paul, Anne and I and the odd 500 people working for the NT in Wales in the ‘Fit for the future’ programme will really appreciate and savor

oh and we have also just learned we have been shortlisted for the Ashden sustainable energy award. Back to Mothercare!

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2 Responses to What year! Award crowns an amazing 12 months.

  1. Brilliant news Keith / Paul and well deserved, shows what can be done when you get stuck in, do the right thing and show just how to make a difference. If the NT can do it with their building stock then no one can have any excuses.

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