At last large PV arrays going in!

Console system in place Llanerchaeron

Its been 15 months in the making. The first of what we hope are many more sub 50kw systems are now going in. The 40kw PV system is now going in at Llanerchaeron (well actually 37.5) should be completed by next week. The Hyundai mono-crystalline modules will be mounted on a Console system. the Console system is simply a plastic bucket (similar to the type you see on the side of the road containing salt). Initially it was to be a temporary approach because of the need to get us under the wire for the Dec 12th cut in FIT and the console system is very quick to build compared to a frame. But the more we look at them the more I think they will be a permanent answer

Almost finished - couple more rows to go. It's that man again in the picture (Paul)

made from UV stable recycled plastic

no need to dig any foundations or use concrete. weighted down with simple ballast bags

quick to install only requiring level ground (we have also put some sub-base under them to stop them from leaning over time)

on the aesthetic side they are much better in certain locations because they are closer to the ground and therefore have a much smaller silhouette

but on the negative side – security could be an issue as they are simpler to pull apart and shading from grass growth might also be an issue because they are much closer to the ground (think some form of grass eater will be used in our renewable energy campaign to keep the grass down)

we are now finally moving and hope to get 500kw in before the end of March – fingers crossed

Up close - very simple. Plastic bucket with a few sacks of ballast (will be filled before mounting the panel on it

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One Response to At last large PV arrays going in!

  1. Paul says:

    I love it when a plan comes together.

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