work is doing something you don’t enjoy

…everything else is playing. This is certainly not work

Anafon confluence

I have to say being out in the Carneddau working on the community hydro on an Autumn evening is a bit too good to be true! Although i have walked through monsoons on Snowdon to do the same job. The highlight of the job in the last few weeks was walking up the Anafon river for a bit of a ‘look see’ The 500kw community hydro is progressing well and we are about to tender for the feasibility stage. The pre-feasibility highlighted a nice hydro we are now in the ‘devils in the detail bit’ how much water, how will it be built, what sort of ecology are we dealing with, is there a viking horde on the pipe route (probably not but you never know!)?

Anafon catchment

the community company held an open day a few weeks ago where the outline for the project was proposed and everyone asked and investigated and went away for a think. Still early days. Hope this project works out because of all the positives – being green is good but its nice when you also have income for a community, sustainable energy and generally making a difference.

Anafon autumn evening

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