What’s Occurin’

what;s occurin?

Paul checking a water meter

Keith and I have recently been asked for some detail on numbers and type of efficiency works and renewable installations that have happened in Wales. Trouble with us is that we have been getting on with stuff and not bringing it all together into what, where, when information that is of use to others looking at undertaking similar projects.

So, here we go  for the last 36 months –

Insulation = 51 farms / 38 domestic homes / 10 mansion properties / 6 Holiday cottages / 2 Castles

Valve bag insulation to plant rooms = 4 properties

Heat Pump systems (Air source and Ground source systems) = 18 systems

Timers and tamper proof controllers = 6 properties

• Low energy hand dryers = 3 mansion properties

Voltage optimisation = 1 castle

Building management System heating optimisation = 3 mansion properties

Mains gas heating system = 1office

Low energy LED lighting replacements = 2 Castles / 7 Mansions / 1 visitor centre

Biomass/Pellet heating systems = 18 systems

Log heating systems = 3 properties

Solar thermal systems = 12 systems (mix of ground mounted and installations on Grade 1  listed Castles)

Photovoltaic systems = 2 systems

Hydropower systems =3 systems

Windpower systems =1 system

More details on these available – Efficiency and renewables installed

This is only the energy stuff!

Lost the will to live now, so will add in water / waste / training and other when I can face it. And whats on the go? – thats another story and a bigger blog!

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