PV – its not all bad but could be better

Llanerchaeron 7.5kw PV

With yet another rapid review is causing uncertainty in the PV market. We have had to re-assess our plans esp. with 10 sites currently in planning with local authorities as we speak. There is no chance we can get them up and running before the Dec 12th FIT cut date. But what can we do? we have decided to drop everything else and drive one site in Mid Wales for a 50kw system because it has the best demonstration value.

I personally agree with the cut. The market was overheating and some people were making serious profits from this. but what i don’t agree with is the manner which it is being done. Knee jerk announcements don’t build an industry and investor confidence and gradual cuts to reflect lowering PV prices would be fairer and a lot more transparent (as is done in Germany)

but what next for NT PV? For the next few weeks there is not a PV panel or inverter to be had in the country whilst the ‘dash for the date’ is on. Overall i have a feeling we can make the new tariff work for us by looking to procure the equipment ourselves and working with local installers to see ‘how low’ we can get the installed price

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