Biomass the new PV?

RHi and biomass – wonder whats ahead of us?

33kw pellet system at Craflwyn

with over 20 biomass systems  now in across NT Wales and a few more on the go. I feel we now have a fairly good handle on the pros and cons of wood based heating. We have just launched a simple over view for more biomass to replace oil based systems in Wales. This over view is simply looking at 10 to start with but hopefully quite a few more. There are always the simple concerns around fuel quality and supply, boiler sizing, design and management. But we now have another one to add which is RHi security.

Although there is no inbuilt digression with RHi there is always the shadow of rapid adjustments as we are facing with PV. As plumbers start to venture into the until now niche market of biomass and start driving the price down as has happened with electricians and PV. I hope we are learning the lessons in terms of modulation of payments rather than draconian cuts… time will tell

450kw pellet system Chirk castle

At the moment RHi presents and excellent opportunity to cut bills, carbon and costs but also to allow trades to diversify and see new business opportunities. Lets hope we all manage this opportunity with less of a ‘Klondike’ mentality

50kw Wood chip system - Dinas, Betws y Coed

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