Weir design – engineering meets aesthetic

proposed weir location. good site.

Latest installment on the development of our 600kw hydro in Snowdonia. For the last few weeks the relatively simple engineering aspect has been moving a pace. This is in terms of what is the most efficient, robust and least maintenance type of weir we should consider for the hydro. The designs are now being drafted discussed and developed.

Draft weir design

Following a site meeting with a landscape architect and discussion around the ‘look’ of the weir, a sustainable energy student Pete Bursnal who was with us mentioned that he had an interesting image of the site for us to consider specifically on the volume of water which  ‘hoons’ through. The image did make use re-look at the engineering of the system to make sure we had enough strength. Although not a dam but simply a small low construction you want it to be the most efficient it can in all conditions. This in essence reflects the very nature of a hydro –‘bespoke’ and site specific

A drop or two of water! - (Pete-Bursnal)

we are now looking at the aesthetic aspect of the feature and how we work with the natural and man-made features on site. we have all agreed we are aiming for a dry mortar look for the wall to emulate all of the buildings around the location. there will probably need to be pinned to the structure. devils in the detail. we currently have a designer working with all of the drawings and aspirations to develop a photo montage for all the stake holders to consider

Stone detail for the weir design

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