Location, Location Location – now where to put that turbine?

Potential site for the turbine. Old campsite toilet is too small! (ps see the lovely 11kv in the background for the export!)

Another installment on the continuing ‘how to build a hydro’. we are still in the design stage and as mentioned quite a few times it’s the bespoke nature of a hydro which makes it the most interesting of technologies. the turbine building itself needs to serve an engineering function to house the turbine, transformer and control gubbins (technical speak) but also has to sit in its landscape and work with the location

Options for location of the turbine building

you would think that you simply put it at the end of the pipe? but its all a mater of options and compromises…10m to the right and you lose a few percent of power (uphill), to the left and too close to the tree root zone, back a bit and your in the potential river flood zone, forward a bit and your under the main 11kv cables.

turbine building footprint (tree root zones in red)

Then we get to the design. A 600kw turbine is a 6tonne beast and then the control gear and so on and your taking of a sizable building. we are going for an agricultural style building since we are v near the farm. The building itself will be mass inside for the machinery and to cut down on the noise. We will probably opt for a local larch clad and corrugated iron look to emulate the other buildings on the farm

Starting the landscape assessment work 1st draft

Photomontaging now but we need to finalise the engineering aspects first including seeing if we can move the 11kv? as ever watch this space

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