LED Candle Bulbs – Measure a hundred times, cut only once!

For those of you who have been following our progress developing a suitable LED Candle bulb for inclusion in our sensitive rooms I am happy to say that we are almost (almost, almost) there –

The bulbs are currently being tested by our internal conservation team to ensure that heat dissipation, colour temperature and render are right, lumen levels are comparable with existing types of bulb, weight, and so on….

We have been working closely with the developer to bring together various “options” for our properties – offering differing sizes, fitment, lumen output – to provide a full range of specifications that will meet most requirements.

This was practically tested recently at Erddig Hall where the re-presentation of the State Bedroom offered the opportunity to change the current lighting set up.

We set up temporary lighting rigs, locating them where original candle lighting would have been placed, giving a realistic representation of the bedroom “as it would have been”.

These have been left in place so that property staff can gather feedback from our visitors to the property. So far it is all very positive.

Final steps, once the test results are back in, are to finalise our specification requirements, confirm supply costs and warranties. We will also be looking to the future – working on the next phase of development for further styles and sizes, dimmable lamps, continued improvement as technology progresses.

Oh yes, and rolling them out to our properties!

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