Major cut in fossil fuel use NT Wales – more biomass!

We now have 20 biomass systems installed or being installed in Wales (NT). This has normalised our view of biomass installations and has moved biomass away from ‘niche’ technology as far as our building surveyors are concerned. Lack of experience with the technology can result in over designing, reliance on backup boilers and generally costing more. This we hope is a thing of the past with the NT

Stackpole in Pembrokshire uses 1gwh of LPG and is the single biggest user of LPG in the National Trust. This is approximately 15% of all the fossil fuel derived energy use in Wales.

So… It was great to see flue going in last week for the new biomass The biomass boiler itself arrived this week The KWB boiler will initially run on wood pellet. The property is currently setting up it’s wood supply system from nearby woodlands. Lesson learnt from other boilers esp larger systems was to make sure that the boiler and its fuel supply system can be adapted for chip and pellet. This keeps your options open

More to come on this once the boiler is being run in anger!


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