First PV gets planning permission


Powis castle 10kw PV is the first of what we hope will be 50 sub 50kw PV systems to be developed across Wales in the coming months. This little lot should generate over 20% of the energy needs for the NT in Wales

What’s special about the Powis system is the fact that it’s for the Castle plant nursery area. This area has just had a large ground source heat pump installed in the last few months replacing over 20 convector heaters supplying heat to a range of green houses and pollytunnels. This should see the £6000 annual electricity bill turn into a £1500 bill and once combined with thePV system should see a small income stream from the RHi and FIT sources. The systems have been funded by a combination of NT, Yorkshire Clydesdale Bank and Npower.

Whole thing should be ready and producing electricity and heat in anger by the winter. Perfect for all the sun we get in Winter! The system is also linked to the cafe which should be able to use all of the electricity generated at the site next summer


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