Devils in the detail – weir design

We are now in the detail side of weir design for the 550kw hydo. Working with what nature has given us – geology, hydrology, aesthetics, ecology, engineering, materials and so on. First things first… As the Welsh saying goes ‘ measure a hundred times cut only once’ hence all the GPS measuring last week – this is the start of all the detailed design. After the data is rectified we should have 25mm accuracy which is quite good over the 1mile length of the hydro system. We will be using all of this info to scope the size of turbine, length of pipe, weir design

But all of this design needs to take in the usual aesthetic and engineering aspects but of interest was the image sent to me of an extreme water events at the weir point. The image showed the water level about a metre higher than we expected and so we need to look at this aspect ESP with what the changing climate is throwing at us with much bigger lumps of rain. Devils in the detail as ever!



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