hydro components – Weir

Llanberis waterfall and weir point

We currently have 15 hydros on the list and working on 4 hydros each with their unique aspects. This is one of the features of a hydro unlike many other sustainable energy technologies is its bespoke nature and has a much more intense development period and can be expensive in terms of pre-development costs .

For the Cwm Llan hydro we are currently looking at the visual impact of the weir especially because its location  is quite close to a popular footpath. The engineering aspect of the weir is well understood. It’s the visual impact which we dealing with at the moment – covering aspects from how do we clad the structure, what sort of screening, extreme water events, what will it look like, how do we control and so on.

Went with the family earlier in the week to see a recently refurbished 50kw hydro near Llanberis and specifically to see the weir design because of its use of stone. but this one is not quite there, having a bit too much concrete on view and also using recently quarried stone although this is now blending in but we will only get one chance for a first impression

see what  we mean in the images below – ps spectacular location!

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