LED candle bulb – almost almost there

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If you’ve been following some of the blogs you’ll know that  we have been looking for a ‘holly grail’ ish. A small LED candle bulb that gives off the right light, weighs the right amount does all the technical stuff but on top of the list is ‘it must look right’ on and off. I have to say they are some pretty awful offerings out there. You must remember that these bulb are destined for some of the most sensitive rooms, fittings and locations in the country – grand dining rooms, Tudor mansions, Victorian castles… and the bulb must look right and give off the right amount of light in the right colour temperature, not build up too much heat – we seem to have spent a lot of time on this and still not complete, but almost there!


we have now short listed to one but need to do the last battery of testes – The manufacture is going back to tweak the colour temp to get the light output closer to that of a tungsten bulb. We will then test of heat dissipation, light quality, look and then… role it out to conservation showrooms in the mansions

‘mesur gan waith torri unwaith’ translation – measure a hundred times cut only once.

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One Response to LED candle bulb – almost almost there

  1. Emma says:

    Dear Keith and Paul

    Great to see the latest developments in LED lighting – I’m astounded at how much their appearance has improved over the last couple of years. Looking forward to seeing the bulbs with the right colour temperature, and getting them installed!!


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