Farm based PV – scoping work

Hafod y Llan shed roof PV? - too shallow and not south

Currently working on an all Wales and beyond sub 50kw PV project. we have some 50 sites short listed and now checking to see how viable they are. looking at visual impacts (how does it look near and far esp because we work in such spectacular places) ecological, archaeological and technical (can it be built economically and will the grid take this power)

we have also short listed two sites to accelerate ahead of the others to learn more about the process and also to develop a design guide. The ‘how, what and where guide’. this will range from the sustainability of the product (use of rare earths in manufacture though to the ‘PV cycle system’ for end of life recycling) setting in the landscape or on a building, mitigation inc security fencing or hedges to break up a view. we are working with a landscape architect to develop this approach.

Why sub 50kw? well you don’t have to look far –  new proposed FIT tariff levels. The chosen sites will also use a majority of the generated power

The two front-runner sites are in N and Mid Wales  . One on at Hafod y Llan and the other at Llanerchaeron near Aberaeron mid Wales. they might never be built but the development process will be invaluable. I am personally hopping they will be built in the next few months. as ever watch this space and i will update as we learn more

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