The value of energy

Craflwyn off grid site

Wasting energy is such a simple thing to do and we seem to do it so well. Have you ever tried to generate a ‘kwh’ your self and not from renewables but by exertion? We developed a rowing machine to generate energy(because everyone has done the bike thing) and used it last year at Llanerchaeron. Over 1500 young people put in 30 seconds each over 4 days and they managed to generate 3kwh or to put it another way, enough energy to power a standard electric shower for 20 mins. Imagine what it would take to power your house for a year (think you’d need a small town of people each doing their bit for you)

This is one of the messages behind a fantastic project at Craflwyn in Snowdonia. The project aims to get young people to think about what it takes for them to live the way they do today – from grinding wheat, baking bread and even making their own energy… Plus understanding the world around them. All staying in a Gur (which is a Yurt to you and me. I was corrected by somebody hot foot from  Azerbaijan few years ago) the site is off grid with it’s own small hydro, soon to have PV, solar thermal, log stove, earth oven… Think you get the picture. All taking place in the shadow of the Dragons lair (find out for yourself). the site also has a couple f human power stations (bike with a generator on it)… juts for that extra appreciation of what it takes to power the light in the Gur/ Yurt

The site is also about to receive its own 100kw hydro system but this will be bypassing the camp site… Well… it would then be too easy again!

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