Egryn – old buildings – new energy and surprise, surprise!

Egryn holiday cottage

Egryn is one of the little known jewels of the NT.  I used to be the head warden for the area and it is something special for me. In essence It’s a slice through N European history and ranges from 4000 years ago with the large Carneddau Hengwm (mesolithic long cairns), through an iron age village on the site, bronze age, late medieval hall house Victorian manganese mining… Sort of an I spy book of archaeology.

Visited yesterday – glorious weather. We were looking at energy potential from the site. For example looking for a potential PV site. Roof or ground (roof would be best as archaeology drips out of this place and any digging for foundations would be… challenging!) Found an Agricultural building, which points the right way and the structure looks sound for PV. (add it to the list) Ah but i had also forgotten about the water-mill on site (the quest continues… see previous blogs on ‘myself and mills’) But this one is not as a they say a ‘goer’. The mill-pond was filled in quite a while ago

ps saw this old barn with the ultra modern PV on it in the farm next door – popped over for a chat but no on in – beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that

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