…and another one – Old mill / potential hydro

Bodnant water mill - all still there!

Visited Bodnant Garden today to discuss with William the property manager the energy efficiency developments at the property including their move to full LED lighting. The bit i was looking  forward to was seeing the old mill and starting the process of evaluation as a potential hydro site. The last few weeks have been following a Mill theme! (see previous blogs!)

the Mill at Bodnant is probably the most ‘evocative’ of the batch with moss growing over the roof and some fantastic planting around it. The bit the public don’t see are the ‘gubbins’ inside the mill which the property want to make accessible and we are also looking at the viability of converting the empty wheel pit into a hydro. Looks like there is 6m of head available and most of the mill-race and weir are in pretty good order. The first couple of things to deal with will be how much water is available (look at what the catchment can provide) but also the suitability of the building for adaptation without loosing its character but also adding something to the visitor experince. As ever watch this space…

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