update – High heat air source heat pump


Sanyo CO2 ASHP Llanerchaeron

Following on from the earlier blog. The team in Llaerchaeron are now installing the first of the three high heat CO2 air source heat pumps. The purpose of the trial was to look at the viability of these systems as bolt on retrofits for sites with oil heating systems. The Llanerchaeron system is slightly different in that we are also installing state of the art Jaga convector radiators which are much more effective at lower flow temps associated with heat pumps (the previous radiators having frozen and fractured) This new office is also receiving quite a bit more insulation, LED and T5 lighting and some heritage secondary glazing again to lower the heat loss and energy use. Paul the property manager is also converting the Stanley oil range cooker to solid fuel so that they can use wood from the estate. this should be quite an interesting a new / old office. lets see what the metering shows both in terms of efficiency of the heat pump but also in overall energy use for the building.

The other two pilot sites should be developed in the next few weeks

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