“I thought you knew?” – surprise around every corner

Dinefwr restored water pumping wheel

Last week both Paul and i were doing the pastoral side of the job. Or talking and looking at stuff. Being in the office is an important element but the bit i enjoy the most is visiting the properties and getting under the bonet, so to speak. In Dinefwr last week looking around the park and investigating if there was a suitable site for a PV array (did not find one) but what we did discover (although everybody else knew) was there was water pumping system for the estate. Dinefwr have recently restored a the Victorian water pumping system and like a Ram Pump this system uses water to pump but by harnessing the power of falling water though a water wheel. The infrastructure which was developed to serve these estates is both ingenious and quite elegant – be it the rain water harvesting system under the path on the terraces in Powis Castle garden or 1892 hydro system on the southern flanks of Snowdon for the Watkin chalet

its worth looking round the corners or just asking the property staff. The Dinefwr system can all be seen just follow the paths

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