fine wines and swiss chocolates – thats our life!

That’s the life of an environmental advisor in the National Trust – swaning around  giving people opinions and living off free-range buffets. Well not really. Meal on the run and looking at the underbelly of the National Trust – boiler houses, drains, potential energy(up mountains, in woods on the coast) , looking at waste (all waste!!)  or trawling though spread sheets looking for trends … plus a 1001 and one things else (but no fine wines) oh and i forgot to mention it’s quite a bit of fun and frustration (more fun!)

There is an environmental reason i have a crowbar in the back of the car. (things that wont open sometimes need persuading – manhole covers esp) Trying not to miss an opptunity to make sure the basics are ok. ‘look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves’

For example water meters are never in the accessible of places – middle of the main road, deep in hedges, very deep in holes,  or nowhere near the building

Paul checking a deep water meter! My hero!

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