NT and PV

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The National Trust have been piloting and learning on the use of PV for quite a few years now. Both on the aesthetic side but also of how we integrate into some historic buildings (or don’t!) We are currently developing a large multi MW PV project which aims if possible to develop ‘local PV power stations’ on or near our properties. PV in terms of its energy generation profile is a very good match to how the NT uses energy – when the sun is out in summer and the PVs are generating their greatest energy then the properties are open and using energy – nice and simple…ah yes but, what about

can you generate close enough on site and that you can use the same meter point. how will you mount the panels, would it be more economic putting them somewhere else (barn, garden…). Is the local grid ok ? all good points and as always will end up with a compromise but at the end of the day we are a conservation charity looking after some very special places and simply plastering a castle with them is not even considered but there are always options. (have a look at the gallery for a selection of these options) I will let you know how this large scale PV project develops and what we learn as we role out.

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