efficient electrical heating – its all control

tamper proof controller

The most efficient heating system is the one which is off!

Paul has been working on a project which focused on ‘heating optimisation’ or use what you have better. A wasted kw is a wasted kilowatt no mater what generates it. This work has included developing a new maintenance specification, auditing simple things like time clock setting and temperatures.

One of the least efficient heating systems is the night storage heater and this is how many of our holiday cottages are heated. These are cheap to put in but very expensive to run both in terms of carbon emissions and money. The following case study focuses on a project / pilot Paul undertook to ‘simply’ improve some electrically heated cottages with very high heating costs. In essence this resulted in putting in new controller units (some tamper proof to eliminate the ‘fiddle factor’) and replace the night storage heaters with simple flat panel heaters which are eminently more controllable. A night storage heater must get rid of its heat the day after it charges up either through simple heat loss or direct heating and therefore you might be storing heat that you may not need the next day. The savings were significant for us!

Holiday cottage controls case study

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