How smart are smart meters?

Cello logger Powis castle (gas)

Well … very in fact. One thing that they don’t save you a Wat of energy but they enable you to manage what you have better by giving you better more accurate and usual real time info. No more estimate bills (well hopefully) we are now coming to the end of a 2 year pilot looking at the value of installing smart meters on major energy use properties in Wales. We have AMR’d (Automatic meter reader) most utilities in a majority of our mansions. This includes water, gas, electricity, oil and some heat. we need to know aspects such as – if we change all the bulbs in the building how do we know its had an effect, whats on at two a clock in the morning,  how much energy do you use in a day and what size of new heating system will you need (more accurate use profile) Is or electricity tariff on the right profile class? and so on. we have already had some notable successes in areas such as Plas Newydd where the toilet block showed an 82% reduction in use by fitting better controllers but the smart meter showed the problem

where next – “without information you can not manage” as the adage goes. The smart meters will be the back bone to further efficiency gains …proving or disproving manufacturer claims. (new hand dryers, voltage regulation, more efficient boilers, water management and so on) We are also looking to use the data to balance our energy supply (match our use profile to our generation profile and see if we can offset a generation site against a consuming site) eg Hydro in Snowdonia against a mansion somewhere else (data is king)

Getting a smart meter and doing nothing with the information is a total waste of money! The smart meter does not switch the light off, set the boiler, turns the TV off… we do. The meter helps us understand effect of our actions, good and bad

The following Power Point is now quite old and please ignore the costs as these have changed but it will give you an idea of the smart meter pilot

Smart meter powerpoint

examples of the data we are now working with

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