Let there be LED lights

LED and halogen candle bulb

LED (left) Halogen (right) candle bulbs

We have been looking for suitable conservation grade LED lights now for a while. Most of our chandeliers and lights in conservation areas in mansions (showrooms and museums) have low watt tungsten lights and can be special y commissioned with low or no damaging UV . It has been difficult to source a suitable low energy equivalent which is…

  • aesthetically suitable (low profile bulb with a small heat sink)
  • low heat output
  • zero UV
  • durable
  • low weight
  • correct color temperature
  • high enough Lux level
  • Does it have the necessary sparkle (yes we even look for this!)

we think we might have found one today. Working with the historic house association to look for a suitable candidate and today saw us bring together all of the candidate bulbs and test for suitability. We think we now have a good bulb (although not perfect because of lower than expected light output) but this we think can be addressed


aesthetically this is the best bulb

LED candle bulb with 48 Lux output (at 750mm)

Now for a trial at a property and see what a chandeliers worth will look like – will get back to you

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