Almost halving our energy use in 12months!

The final results of the past twelve months push to reduce our energy use in the National Trust in Wales is now in. We set a target of 5% this year and the team in Wales reduced their energy use by 46%. Paul and i have been discussing this result for th e last month and saying stuff like “It’s too much check it again” and again… and again. Paul has been number crunching over and over until we were confident the results are a true reflection of what has happened

BUT HOW ? I hear you ask. No silver bullet I’m afraid. As St David said “gwnewch y pethau bychain” do the small things. This dramatic result has come about through a plethora of initiatives and projects

  • Auditing every site to understand the potential. working with the Carbon Trust on the more complex sites 
  • better metering and understanding where our power goes to. Installing 117 smart meters on oil, gas, lpg and electricity
  • on going training for all staff both on technical energy generation and building management through to understanding what you have and how it works (in energy terms)
  • technology – better time clocks, controllers. Insulation, secondary glazing
  • and a lot more besides
But above all its the commitment of everybody to really push and deliver something special in terms of savings. But financially we are almost at a stand still in terms of savings in just keeping up with everything that’s happening with energy inflation. The nest 12 month will see the roleout of secondary glazing at more sites, LED in all the mansions, new hand dryers in the visitor toilets, biomass, heat pumps and so on … will keep you updated

Wales energy performance

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