Not on my roof – PV – other options

Llanerchaeron house

On a visit to Llanerchaeron Paul Boland the property manager took me up to on to the roof of the mansion to look at the potential for placing Photovoltaic panels to generate some power to off set the 110,000kwh used per annum. It soon became apparant that the roof of the mansion was not suitable. few factors

  • lots of lead which means having to fabricate expensive lead feet to integrate into the roof
  • Quite a few shadows form features such as ridges and chimneys casting shadows on the valley behind
  • we would have to place the panels down quite shallow so that they would not impact the aesthetic quality of this simple and elegant buildings
  • always an issue of an electrical fire with PV if incorrectly installed (small risk but an important factor on a historic building
  • what to do…?

some 150m away from the mansion is a dutch barn which holds the Geller Jones agricultural machinery collection. This building has a section pointing south, a three-phase meter and a decent superstructure to support a PV array.

You don’t have to compromise on a historic building if you have a garden, field or better still another building building. This is a principal in a few buildings around Llanerchaeron such as Pontbrynmydyr where the solar thermal is mounted in a nerby field… simple (oh and cheaper!)

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