Gardens getting thirsty – what do you do?

rainwater harvesting – nothing new!

The short dry bit of weather we are experiencing is again exposing the fragility in our water storage and some of the nonsense around using some of the worlds highest quality drinking water in the UK to feed plants or even flush a toilet. Under the auspices of ‘green er gardening the NT have over the last few years started on a push to move away from mains water for its gardens and using lots of different approaches

Powis castle garden has been doing more than most.  including. trickle feeding the terrace gardens at set times through a network of small pipes (this has saved a lot of water) . The plant nursery now receives all of its water from an on site borehole but is using what it takes more sparingly through the use of filter beds (pots are placed on covered sand and water is trickled into these) the same as a potted plant on a wet towel

There is a lot of talk now days around rain water harvesting but again nothing new. Under Chirk castle you’ll find large cisterns for collecting rain water, same goes for Plas Newydd under the cricket pitch (spring ad rain water) Powis has an elaborate system under the terrace paths which used to collect in a tank in the orangery

if this weather continued i have a feeling this subject will grow and grow!

National Trust and water

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