training – new pages to come

Rob and Clive hard at work with Rob Gwillim

Following a training even at Chirk castle today in future i will be turning all of the course material into training pages on this blog. Today we were looking specifically at heat loss within old buildings. How does the science and maths work with the human elements? and also an experience correction factor combined with the compromises you have to consider when sizing something like a biomass system. Over the last 12 months we have run training on biomass, PV, wind turbines, hydro and reed beds. In the coming year BMS, lighting design, BREEAM, Part L, RHi and financial mechanisms for energy efficiency

The purpose of the training events are to bring the many consultancy functions in the National Trust and wider historic environment up to speed with the ever-changing environmental management world

we used the real world example of the new 450kw biomass boilers at Chirk castle to see if they were sized correctly as a form of post occupancy assessment. You’ll be glad to know given the constraints of the site (could only fit smaller buffer tanks) we concluded that it was fine put provided an excellent example of the sometime imperfect art / science of sizing a heating system

Grappling with heat loss software

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