Secondary Glazing – Listed buildings – you can’t do that… can you?

Chirk Castle secondary glazing

As well as all of the other energy efficiency aspects mentioned earlier we are now embarking on quite a bit of secondary glazing in all of the mansions in Wales. Following successful trials at Chirk and Powis castle we are now targeting what we call the comfort heating zones in all of the mansions. These are places which are heated more than the museum part of the mansions areas such as tea rooms, offices and flats. This should have a significant effect on the heat losses esp from uncontrolled ventilation (get the original window to close properly first and don’t forget the heavy curtains). the system we have chosen is designed for each window and not a simple square profile which is then made up to fit. The profiles of the glazing bars are thin and powder coated to match the stone. On less sensitive area we have simply asked local joiners to make up frames for the windows.

If we can then there are no excuses. although the paybacks are longer we find it provided much better working environments. Because of the psychological effects on the people who control the heating ts much easier pulling the thermostat down that extra degree which can make a big difference

will let you know as it goes in

English heritage advise on secondary glazing

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2 Responses to Secondary Glazing – Listed buildings – you can’t do that… can you?

  1. Secondary glazing is simply another layer of glass separate to the window, which is attached to the inside of the window frame.

    • Keith Jones says:

      Or attached to the wall and traps a layer of air thus creating an insulated layer. The Windows we use are also openable and quickly removable. You can also have them coated with a metal oxide to reflect short wave infrared (low emissive) on historic building where the fabric is fragile the improvements from secondary glazing cuts down on uncontrolled ventilation. Yes it’s a second window but its also a bit more!

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