Watching paint dry

Low VOC, lime, clay, water based, substrate and so on, terminology meltdown around paints Following an excellent training course at Ty Mawr last year the variables around paint can be immense and there are eco and there are eco paints. The NT have been conducting various trials on paint to see what they are like both in terms of usability, aesthetic and durability. Results of which still to come out. We have a few garages doors painted in various companies offerings to see for ourselves. I too am entering the trial phase and have just purchased 40 litres of paint with ‘nano technology’ (what ever this means in paint!) Following a certain Grand Designs series and a house they featured painted in a self-cleaning water based paint. I am intrigued in both its eco credentials and self cleaning ( up to 15yrs ) The paint is hydrophobic when dry and is based on the lotus leaf approach to water (small hairs does not let the water break its surface tension and stays as a drop and flows off the leaf)

Will let you know how I get on. waiting until i have changed my windows to latest wiz bang (no upvc) ones but that’s another story ( I mean blog)

My house before the ‘new’ paint

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