Biomass systems – its all in the fuel!

Pellet – we have experienced so many variables around pellet. Everything from the size of the lorry, and size of pellet (the manufacturer of the boiler said it would take an 8mm pellet but they meant 7.8mm!!) and length of the delivery hose, is the pellet too dry or wet, too much ash, mechanical rigidity (which means the pellet is too hard to burn fully or turns to dust in the lorry if too soft)

wood chip – the secret if its your own timber is to get it down at least 18 months before the boiler is switched on. better still contract the whole lot out so that someone else sort out getting the timber from the woodland into the boiler and out as hot water (someone else to blame if it goes wrong) wood chip also means storage, moving, agitating the fuel to get ti to the auger, composting int he fuel store if too moist, getting the size right D30 / D60 and so on

Log – labour, labour labour oh yes and storage. 20t is an awful of m3 of timber

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