Volunteering – making a difference

Volunteer - Geraint Newman

Volunteering and the invaluable help they provided by the tens of thousands of people helps the National Trust deliver so much of its work. There are almost as many reasons as to why people volunteer as there is for the work they undertake. ‘Something different, want to learn something new, helps my CV, gets me out of the house, uses my skills and experience  better and so on.

The work we undertake in environmental management within the National Trust is no different in our need for volunteers to assist and to make a difference. For example Geraint Newman  (pictured) is helping (in a big way) to map out the carbon emissions of all of our visitors and suppliers to see how we improve over the coming years with our ‘going local strategy’ The work that Geriant is developing includes mapping; How far do people drive to come to see us, what forms of transport do they use, how ‘local’ are they? what does our visitior carbon footprint look like?
Volunteers  for example have helped us with auditing our holiday cottages, taking thermal images of some of our buildings, developing case studies of some of the technologies we have installed and so on. The work is as technical as people want. From full building assessments to going though our archives to look for old hydro sites
WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE – drop us a line or visit the NT Volunteering webpage for more info on volunteering!

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