My money where my mouth is – LED lighting

cheap LED light trial

I am currently trailing a few of the ‘flood’ of low cost LED bulbs around in my won house. having run a simple logging meter on the house and switched everything off one by one to see what was using the the greatest power – surprise surpise it was the 8 halogen lights set in the celing of my kitchen 400w.

after chrismas i changed all of the existing 50w MR16 12v halogen with 5w 12v MR16 LED. But instead of going for the very nice looking and i know efficient and robust Phillips i decided to try some 0.99p (yes that price is right) just to see how long they would last and what the quality of the light was. When i switched them light on my kitchen had turned into a cave in terms of light output. The manufacturer may have over claimed light output from their very economical bulbs . The feedback from my family on Mr Eco Joneses first foray into domestic LED was to the point ‘these lights are rubbish and can we have the old ones back’?

A week later i installed 4 further GU10 240v 2.75w bulbs and fittings which were little

two types of LED

more expensive £4.50 plus £5.00 for the fittings. from first illumination these bulbs have a much greater output than those claimed from the 99p bulbs. Postive feedback from the family recieved. I will borrow a luxmeter next week to base line the light out put and will do so every year to see if it falls off plus how long these bulbs will start (i fitted on in the bathroom six months ago and a few of the diods have failed but that could have been dodgy bulb, hit by the children or did njot light the moisture in there)

wonder if the adage that you pay for what you get still holds true? (i have found it in other technologies mostly true but there are always exeptions

ps when i did the logging and then follow up infrared search i got a surprise. The ancient stereo (25yrs +) even with the switch off (no such thing as a stand buy on this) the infra red still showed the amp inside the stereo glowing red and still consuming power (about 50wh) It needs switching off at the main socket to be truly off (50w x 24hrs x365days x 25yrs = 10950kwh used x todays electricity price = £1314!!

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