Worth a trail? – High heat Air Source heat pumps

High heat CO2 Air source heat pump

We have now received our three 9kw high heat CO2 air source heat pumps to trial. the purpose of the trial is to look at options for viable, low energy heating and hot water technology to replace the many thousands of oil based heating systems the NT have across their estate. the most important aspect is the ability to retrofit on to the existing heating system. There are many, myths misunderstandings but also bad instillations out there.

Although there are over 50 heatpumps in the NT these are the first high heat systems (normally ASHP like to be below 55c and so fitting on a radiator system designed for over 80c is not ideal unless you can get the heat pump to opperate at higher tempreratures with out looseing the associated efficiency and the models chosen claim high efficiency at high temperatures  (measured with a COP rating)

The three sites chosen are two offices and a small cottage on the Llyn peninsula. we were originally going to choose a small cottage in mid wales but the heat loss was so great that we would have needed the three in one site (we will deal with that buildings efficiency first before looking at what to heat it with). One of the offices (llanerchaeron) we are also changing the radiators to efficient convector rads (because the old cast iron ones froze sold over the winter and cracked)

will let you know how we get on

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