The King of Sweden helping to heat Llanerchaeron – Kachelofen

In the coming weeks the tea room in Llanerchaeron in mid Wales will see the installation of a supper efficiency, ecofriendly and all of the other green words… tile oven and heater. Whats the link with The King of Sweden? In 1776 he commissioned Carl Johan Cronstedt to develop a wood stove / oven which would use fraction of the timber of a traditional stove / oven. The King was seeing the depletion of the forest (sound familiar) in the country because of the need for and what he saw wastage for wood fuel (Sweden was in the grips of Europe’s mini ice age) The result of this  commission was the Kachelofen

The oven works on the principal of 1 hour of firing = 12 hours of heat. It does this by burning wood at over 1000c which in turn heats up the mass of the stove (can weigh several tonnes) which then slowly releases the heat into a room or building. the supper efficiency also means that the oven stove uses a fraction of the timber of a normal oven

The tea room in Llanerchaeron has an unheated ‘lean to’ and the property manager sees a tile stove as the idea solution to heat the tea room both to provide a low-level heat for the visitors, use the properties timber and to cook. He  is also specifying a bread oven into the stove which should result in a compelling cooking smell (to buy the bread!) permeating through the building

Once the stove is installed and used I will update this blog

Llanerchaeron Flickr logo. If you click it, you'll go home  images

Example of tile stove in the NT at Gibson Mill

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