Too much pressure – Voltage regulation

Penrhyn Castle

Following a Carbon Trust review at Penrhyn Castle we noticed that the voltage at the castle was peaking at certain times of the day. Normal voltage coming into your house is between 230 – 240 volts. The castle was “benefitting” from anything upto 268 volts!

Voltage can be regarded as similar to water pressure – the greater the pressure or voltage, the more that you consume, whether you need it or not as soon as you flick the switch or turn on the tap.

We needed to reduce this pressure in order to make sure that we only paid for what we actually needed. Another consequence of this increased voltage was the higher wear and tear on certain electrical equipment.

So, what did we do?

We contacted several of the leading voltage optimisation companies in the UK (Big box of stuff that controls the voltage going through and into the property. The kit acts to “tap down” the voltage to a regulated 235 volts.

We fitted one at Penrhyn Castle and saw immediate results which has seen an average 18% cut in electricity use. or to put it another way the £14,000 voltage regulator should pay for itself in three to four years. this is not the answer to all of our sites but we are now looking to measure more sites and see what the voltage is like (its different from area to are) see if the site can benefit (depends on how you use the power) and then ‘turn down the pressure’!

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